What Clients Like About the System

  • No contract, cancel at any time
  • No shared leads ~all leadscreated exclusively for you
  • No pay per callscharge
  • No spending timegetting credited for non leads due to short call duration
  • No paying $35-$60 per lead chargebased on your industry
  • Paying a $250/weekly flat rate for unlimited amounts of leads
  • No countless hours spent trying to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Not having to deal with constant updating and managing social media
  • Having an affordable Done for You marketing solution to get more customers
  • Having a Profitable way to grow their business

Our Call trackingsystem conveniently organizes your prospects in one place for easy access. Listening to a voicemail message from a lead, returning a missed call, replying to a text, or tallying the number of calls you received for the day, is simple and easy to access with our call tracking system.

The Key to Success with Just Ring Done for You Marketing System

Just Ringsystem is designed to get your phone ringing with hot prospective buyers that know they want your service. Majority of the prospectswill be busy working people who are on the go, and more importantly, would prefer to speak to a live person rather than fill in a website form.

Prospects will call your phone at a time and place that is convenient to them, when they’re ready to buyand eager for immediate action (hence, to talk to someone and schedule an appointment). A small percentage will send inquires via a text message to eliminate the tedious task of calling companies 1 by 1 before actually reaching a live person to answer the phone. An even smaller percentage will send an email after business hours requestinga response regarding your services.

The key to getting increased sales from our all- in- one marketing system is tied to your ability to answer the phone, a knowledgeable person to effectively convey your service, answer questions, qualify the prospect and schedule an appointment.

What businesses Are A Good Fit for Just Ring

A business owner that doesn’t want the responsibility of updating and maintaining a website

A business owner interested in generating more leads by phone

Has A Minimum marketing budget of $250/week

Tired of paying for lukewarm leads that are sold to multiple competitors

Wants an unlimited amount of hot exclusive leads generated for your business

Has the ability to answer the phone and handle customer inquiries or return calls in a short time span

Experienced in qualifying a prospect

Able to schedule appointments to visit and provide estimates in a timely manner

A business that can receive calls withoutlong hold times or automated prompts to reach a live person